Put an End to Your Main Line Problems

We’ll repair main line damage in Charlotte, Matthews, NC and the surrounding areas

Your plumbing system has been behaving strangely lately. Your toilets keep clogging, and your bathtubs have backed up with sewage on multiple occasions. It sounds like you may have an issue with your main sewage line. Clog Busterz Plumbing Inc. of Matthews, NC can find and solve main line issues before they lead to major problems, such as sink holes, contaminated water supplies and water damage.

Experiencing a main line emergency? Call 704-340-4266 now for 24/7 emergency service!

Common main line issues

We offer a wide range of services to make sure your main line is in working condition. Our plumbers have the skills and experience to address:

Broken or cracked pipes
Blockage due to buildup or debris
Pipe corrosion
Leaking joints
Roots in main line

Work with Clog Busterz Plumbing Inc. to address your main line issues before they cause major damage. Call us today at 704-340-4266


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